Blog Post Vacation! Check Facebook :)

Blog Vacation! There’s a blog on that sailboat, and it’s taking a break.. 🙂

Hello everyone…
We have to admit, the blog has been suffering at the hands of neglectful owners lately. However, our Facebook Page is abuzz with activity and near-daily updates with the latest photos and awesomeness we’re creating. The fact is, each blog post takes 1-2 hours of work, and with summer in full swing, we are spending almost all our time shooting, and any free time left after that is spent editing.. so, in the best interest of getting everyone their photos ASAP, we’ve sent the Blog to the beach for awhile, and will resume blog posts as soon as practical! Facebook posts are so quick and easy we’re getting those up on a regular basis, so be sure to “Like” us if you’re looking to see what we’re up too lately. Rest assured, although the blog looks lonely and empty, we have been shooting almost everyday this summer 🙂

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