Skiing the Chugach Peaks (Ptarmigan – 4911′)

On Friday Chugach Peaks Photographers Josh Martinez and me, Joe Connolly, teamed up with Bryan, Phil, and Phil’s brother Joe to climb and ski Ptarmigan Peak. Even though it was pretty easy and really close to town, for some reason none of us had actually done it before so it was time to finally check it off the list. Winds were generally 40-60mph all day with blowing snow, in and out of clouds, and less than perfect snowpack. We made it up though, and it cleared up enough on occasion to get some good views. The snow improved a bit for skiing by the afternoon descent and overall it was a good trip. I didn’t want to take any photos today, but Josh was kind enough to bring his little Nikon point and shoot which does a great job. There’s also a Video! (Click the Link at left to watch it!) Gives a good sense of the crazy winds we had to deal with. Enjoy the Chugach Peaks eye-candy!

  • Booting it in
  • Skinning up the face
  • The first bit of climbing for the day
  • Brothers Phil and Joe, who hail from the great state of Maine!
  • Josh on his way up
  • Joe Connolly climbing up
  • Chilkoot Pass?
  • Joe G gives the thumbs up
  • View from the top of Ptarmigan
  • View from the top - towards Turnagain Arm
  • Lots of blowing snow on the way up
  • Josh on the summit
  • Bryan
  • The crew
  • Getting our rappel anchor built
  • On Rappel!
  • Joe Connolly tearing it up
  • Phil busting out the tele turns